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Old Spice Gives 2016 NFL Draft Class a “Smellcome to the NFL” with the Legendary Performance of the New Hardest Working Collection Lineup

  • Smellcome to the NFL Kits include the new Hardest Working Collection of anti-perspirants/deodorants and body washes delivering performance for guys who demand more from their grooming products.
  • Old Spice, the "Official Deodorant and Body Wash of the NFL," teams up with expected top picks Ezekiel Elliott and Laquon Treadwell to share 2016 NFL Draft week experiences with Draft Day Facebook Live chat.
Thursday, April 28, 2016 3:00 am PDT



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"Official Deodorant and Body Wash of the NFL"

CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Old Spice, the “Official Deodorant and Body Wash of the NFL,” is equipping future NFL stars with the performance of the new Hardest Working Collection of anti-perspirant/deodorants and body washes, providing prospective draftees with the confidence they need to succeed in their new NFL careers. A grooming staple found in all NFL locker rooms across the League's 32 teams, the manliest grooming brand on the planet will supply newly-minted rookies with Old Spice “Smellcome to the NFL” Kits, complete with the legendary performance of the Hardest Working Collection featuring Odor Blocker and Sweat Defense anti-perspirant/deodorants and Dirt Destroyer body wash in addition to Old Spice Hair Care and Styling products that will have the guys looking like locker room veterans.

Old Spice is teaming up with expected top picks, including former Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott and Ole Miss wide receiver Laquon Treadwell to give NFL fans direct access to their Draft Week experiences with Old Spice’s first-ever Draft Day Facebook Live chat on Thursday, April 28 from noon to 1 p.m. CT, just hours before the big night. Fans are invited to like Old Spice at Facebook.com/OldSpice for updates and interact with the players live on Draft Day. Elliott and Treadwell will also share their pre-Draft thoughts in interviews with top sports outlets during the week. Elliott is on Twitter (@EzekielElliot) and Instagram (EzekielElliott), while Treadwell can be followed on Twitter (@SuccessfulQuon) and Instagram (SuccessfulQuon) for the latest on their appearances.

“Guys have turned to Old Spice to help them navigate the seas of manhood for nearly 80 years,” said Janine Miletic, Old Spice Brand Director at Procter & Gamble. “Old Spice is proud to help young athletes get their careers off on the right foot by providing the new Hardest Working Collection, Old Spice’s most powerful anti-perspirant/deodorants and body washes, each delivering the performance demanded by the rigors of the NFL.”

Old Spice Grooming Lineup

Old Spice offers a full range of grooming products, including deodorants, body washes, body sprays, shampoos, hair stylers, electric shavers and trimmers, shave gels, after shaves and colognes. Old Spice Hair and the new Hardest Working Collection are part of the day-to-day grooming regimen of guys everywhere to look and smell fresh from head to toes.

Old Spice Hair Care and Styling Lineup

Old Spice features an assortment of shampoos, conditioners and styling products designed to give guys the hair – and confidence – they need to succeed. For those looking to "Right Your Hair Wrongs," Old Spice has the answer.

Hardest Working Collection Lineup

  • Odor Blocker Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant – Odor Blocker is Old Spice’s most powerful invisible solid anti-perspirant/deodorant, delivering legendary performance through stronger and longer sweat protection than its other collections and a 50 percent increase in BCD odor fighting technology that only Old Spice can claim. Odor Blocker’s unique invisible solid anti-perspirant formula forms better plugs to protect against sweat.
    • Scents include new Lasting Legend, Pure Sport Plus, Stronger Swagger, Extra Fresh and Tougher Timber.
  • Sweat Defense Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant – Sweat Defense soft solid anti-perspirant/deodorant is Old Spice’s ‘gold standard’ delivering “stronger and longer sweat protection” for all-day dryness. The category standard for extra effective anti-perspirant/deodorants is a 30 percent sweat reduction. Old Spice Sweat Defense delivers a 66 percent sweat reduction. Sweat Defense also is now turbocharged with Old Spice’s proprietary BCD technology to trap and lock away bad odors as they occur while releasing fresh, manly scent in its place.
    • Scents include new Lasting Legend, Pure Sport Plus, Stronger Swagger, Extra Fresh and Fresher Fiji.
  • Dirt Destroyer Body Wash – Dirt Destroyer is Old Spice’s most powerful body wash, offering 15 percent more cleansers, a 30 percent thicker formula and 20 percent more scent. Its thicker formula delivers a thick, dirt-eliminating lather and less down the drain resulting in a better overall shower experience.
    • Available scents include new Lasting Legend, Pure Sport Plus and Stronger Swagger.

For more information on the new Hardest Working Collection and the Old Spice Hair Care and Styling lineup, visit OldSpice.com. More on Old Spice and Old Spice at the 2016 NFL Draft, can be found on Twitter (@OldSpice), Facebook (Facebook.com/OldSpice), YouTube (YouTube.com/OldSpice), Instagram (oldspice) and Tumblr (oldspice).

About Old Spice

Procter & Gamble’s Old Spice is the quintessential men’s grooming brand. With 75 years as an American icon, Old Spice is the authority on the male grooming experience and has leveraged this heritage to become the No.1 selling anti-perspirant/deodorant stick and body wash brand with guys of all ages. Old Spice brings authenticity, performance and confidence to male grooming and offers a wide product portfolio for today’s man, including anti-perspirants, deodorants, bar soap, body washes, body sprays, after shaves and colognes.


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Old Spice is equipping future NFL stars with "Smellcome to the NFL Kits" featuring the new Hardest Working Collection of anti-perspirants/deodorants and body washes delivering Old Spice's most powerful grooming lineup. (Photo: Business Wire)
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