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RT : Von Miller's ideas for a TD celebration are really out of this world From B/R and https://t.co/3xm3ro9yaL-2 hours 27 min ago
RT : So is the coolest company ever. Wow thank you so much! https://t.co/pClidtReSP-3 days 3 hours ago
RT : Wow! shoutout for sending me a signed helmet. This is to awesome! Thank you #Respect https://t.co/RwO8beN9nX-6 days 18 hours ago
RT : Not all of the invisible powers are 100% legit, results may vary #OldSpicePaidMeToSayThis #Unforsweatable https://t.co/nRGlorlKdm-6 days 18 hours ago
The gift of smell is a gift for all. Don't believe us? Watch this log explode for 60 minutes. That'll convince ya.… https://t.co/RYDwmp3czM-1 week 16 min ago