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Check out our real Social Media Beach Party with a real Kraken & real Krakengärd scent in a real Twitter moment!⚡️ https://t.co/MeCRL1A1Fd-1 week 15 hours ago
To launch new Old Spice Krakengärd, we're having a Social Media Beach Party with a real Kraken! Stay tuned for more… https://t.co/HyZR6vpmKO-1 week 17 hours ago
RT : Today we welcome as an official sponsor of the Slick Daddy Club. Feels so damn good. Now aLIVE! https://t.co/qSobCJXm06 #ad-3 weeks 6 days ago
Your search for the beginning of a never-ending journey ends here. Don’t smell yourself short. https://t.co/S7sRuVbdHL-4 weeks 1 day ago
Well, this video is 10 seconds, so you're already using it wrong. https://t.co/iCdRKCvJld-4 weeks 6 days ago