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Eenie meenie miney mo, catch a tiger by its toe, oh my gosh there's so much blood, eenie meenie miney mo. #naturefacts-3 hours 7 min ago
Social media guy: insert a tweet here to make the cool fan guys watch our new commercial. Love, boss. https://t.co/LjEy1jKIOs-3 days 2 hours ago
Like most commercials, this one is 98% completely loosely based on a true-ish “story.” https://t.co/8gnGNu5VPQ-3 days 19 hours ago
It is, of course, illegal in most states to cut a grandfather in half to count his rings and see how old he is.-1 week 23 hours ago
Any recos on a camping stove that doesn’t burn python fritters so quickly would be greatly appreciated.-1 week 1 day ago