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Well, this video is 10 seconds, so you're already using it wrong. https://t.co/iCdRKCvJld-1 day 14 hours ago
Great live streams never die. They live on forever through the magic of video editing and web server technology. https://t.co/oHRUBBX9Lq-2 days 8 hours ago
New Krakengärd body wash makes bath time fun again. https://t.co/XQCh0LbLTc-3 days 10 hours ago
Please send us a DM so we can help.-4 days 14 hours ago
Tune in for the final, exhilarating act of our Valentine's Day livestream right here, right now: https://t.co/QKjTNFwlSo-5 days 9 hours ago