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Why sit around pining for the better days of yesteryear when there are so many nachos out there just waiting to be eaten?-2 days 3 hours ago
ouY liwl otn tge a zprie rfo crugsnablinm heste rdosw.-6 days 10 hours ago
Fact #1: Is the Appaloosa the most noble of all horse breeds? Fact #2: Can a fact be a question?-1 week 1 day ago
It’s not like people use sarcasm every day, so it makes total sense that we haven’t invented a punctuation mark for it (it would go here)-1 week 2 days ago
@Fox77 Legally, we can't recommend that you protect your bearglove with a bear trap. But legally, DM us and we'll provide the bearglove.-1 week 5 days ago