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Years of planning and hundreds of dollars later, here’s an ad made especially for the Thursday before the Super Bowl https://t.co/EhAPkrFyvY-1 day 1 hour ago
You might not be on the list, but your hair will be. http://t.co/xdzIdh4Ftm-2 days 6 min ago
@andrewmpalermo @adage we don't deliver, we DiGiorno.-2 days 21 hours ago
Unruly face hairs lead to unruly face-hair children. Watch and learn how to break this vicious cycle. https://t.co/blu4dM74Qs-3 days 50 min ago
Bravo @Iamsasafras. To help with future masterpieces, we'd like to send you a few slightly-more-lifelike models. Please DM us.-3 days 5 hours ago