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@SailorGuppy She’s a vegetarian, Gabriella. Which brings us to our next piece of #oldspiceadvice. Pay attention to your lady! They love that-5 hours 18 min ago
Thank you for all your great #oldspiceadvice questions. And you’re welcome for all our great #oldspiceadvice answers. See you next time.-6 hours 3 min ago
.@henry_vernon_ September 18, 2014. #oldspiceadvice-6 hours 4 min ago
@Kevin_KTK Be your confident, rad self. Women will notice. Just make sure they're not in it for your money or your cool parachute pants.-6 hours 10 min ago
.@loestus Consult the 2012 list of Didgeridoos and Didgeridon'ts. It is considered definitive. #oldspiceadvice-6 hours 19 min ago