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@JeffHGala DM us and find yourself equipped to last a 330 day venture. Also, some #oldspiceadvice: travel by camel, ladies love them.-9 hours 30 min ago
@Always90four Add our hair products to sculpt your gorgeous locks and bodywash to cleanse the grime of a manly day.-9 hours 30 min ago
@WhitmanPoet Just a smidgen for the fetor, but you may want to consult a physician about the decay and rot.-9 hours 33 min ago
Make party dancing at the disco club nightspot. Cool dude. https://t.co/Y1vUQNvphI-1 day 4 hours ago
A real man’s best friend. http://t.co/YAR64u3i6P-1 day 9 hours ago