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This isn’t a product placement. It’s a lifestyle choice. https://t.co/Q3pEMRtyuc-3 days 14 hours ago
Confidence is forever. #Swagger https://t.co/bFrGsJLiCm-2 weeks 2 days ago
You’re welcome Alex. There’s no time like the present to be a massively huge success in the future. https://t.co/k3ltC7zUZu-2 weeks 3 days ago
Here's a game where you morph into a . If you don't like Old Spice now, we’re out of ideas. https://t.co/5Oh5J5wpjd https://t.co/aH3k6Yir55-3 weeks 1 day ago
Name another deodorant that made a video game where you & your actual crew ride a jetpack. https://t.co/UI8jMCXVBH https://t.co/aFY2JDPE7Z-4 weeks 2 days ago